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Is Apple becoming another Microsoft?

You know what pissed off Linux/Unix folk about Microsoft and Windows? My best guess is that it wasn't Open-Source. Thus, their suggestions weren't taken into consideration as much as they should have. Microsoft was controlling its own software too much for its own good. Now Apple is doing the same thing. Let me explain with the example of iPods. If we take a look at any iPod model before the iPod touch, we notice that (internally in the filesystem) it's pretty simple. You have your music files and your song/other stuff database. The database(s) were plain-text and their structure could be examined and mimicked. This allowed for syncronization with software other than Apple's iTunes. Now welcome the iPod touch... No more simplicity. iPhone OS keeps its databases hashed. Yes, you can put music files on there with non-iTunes, but they won't show up in your lists. It's like the files are orphaned. The only program you can sync the iPod touch with is iTunes. Oh, and