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Ruby on Rails vs PHP

In my past experience with Web Apps, I have worked with PHP (with MySQL). Now I'm working on my website and using PHP again. At work, however, we are using Ruby on Rails (RoR), with Oracle. This makes me want to do a comparison of the two. Obviously, I will compare RoR and PHP, but both using a MySQL database. Keep in mind that this is based on my impressions, not necessarily the best technical aspects of each language. RoR Advantages: RubyGems - It's extremely simple to install extra features (calendar date select, etc). Yeah, you can have libraries in PHP, but it's not as simple and polished as RoR. You can even define gem dependencies your app has in environment.rb and then use "rake gems:install" to install all gems your project requires. Layouts and Partials - Let's face it: having a "standard.html.erb" layout (or template, if you will) and then having "" in it is just beautiful . Whatever content you create will automatically (or au